WandaVision Episode 2

Air Date: January 15, 2021

Rating: 8/10

In an attempt to fit in better in the neighborhood, Wanda and Vision perform a stage-magic show. However, Vision swallowing something which ends up “gumming” up his robotics.

If the previous episode was an homage to 50s television, this is definitely referencing TV of the 60s. It even has an animated opening in the style of Bewitched. If that’s what’s going on, and we’re going through the TV stylings of each decade with each episode, I really appreciate that and it’s something very unique unto the MCU as a whole and for television in general. I want more things like this that are willing to think outside the box. I have high hopes for the other Marvel shows coming out this year simply on how originally this one presents itself.

However, the initial WTF feeling I had with the first episode is mostly wearing off now. I still enjoyed the episode but I also think that it’s definitely taking its time on showing us what’s really going on. I’m really starting to wonder where is Scarlet Witch and whether Vision is alive or dead, as he definitely died in the films but maybe this is an alternate universe where Vision still exists and this is a gateway to the other Marvel Universes as the X-Men and the like come into the fold. This is just speculation as this episode doesn’t really give us any answers yet. It’s still enjoyable but I’m aching to know what’s really going on at this point.


+8: I’m still very invested but the initially trippy-ness has worn off from the first outing and I just want to know more (something this episode does not provide is answers)

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