0075: 42nd Street (1933)

Rating: 7/10

A producer is looking to make one last play. An actress is trying to get her first gig. An actor is in love with that actress. It’s a movie about romance, music, and finances for fun and profit. Oh wait, that’s another musical…

For a musical, this actually doesn’t have a whole lot of songs. It’s maybe 20 minutes in when we hear any singing. But I suppose it’s more about making a musical than actually being a musical. There’s more songs towards the end but it takes a while to get there. Maybe they thought music in musicals should be like the shark from Jaws? You don’t want to show the whole shark until the end.

The best part about this movie is its humor. It’s very dry and can catch you off guard throughout the whole film. It can be a bit corny at some points, but this is actually something I appreciate in classic musicals such as this.

What this film has in humor, it completely lacks in plot. I mean, there’s not much there to tell. It’s all about the production of this play and there’s a few side stories going on but there really aren’t a whole lot of stakes overall. It’s still an enjoyable movie, but it’s a fairly forgettable one, unfortunately.


+7: A fairly silly musical that’s a fun watch

-1: somewhat forgettable due to lacking much substance

+1: Good humor throughout

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