0094: Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

Rating: 9/10

First Mate Christian must lead a mutiny against the corrupt Captain Bligh who’s punishments lead to several deaths of the crew as the Bounty journeys to Tahiti to collect fruit.

I found out after watching that much of the film was historically inaccurate. Bligh wasn’t nearly as punishing as the film presents, and it makes me wonder if this wasn’t the case then what exactly was it that led this crew to mutiny? Maybe it will explain it in the 1964 remake…

Aside from that mystery, I thought this was a fine film. It was enjoyable the entire way through it’s runtime and presents both sides to this event very well. Bligh is shown as a tyrant but he’s also very heroic in his own right, especially when journeying for 50 days with the crew that didn’t mutiny in a row boat 3500 miles from any land. But the real message of the movie isn’t about who’s right or wrong but what do the laws allow and the reasons that they should change. Of course, this all happened in the 1700s, so this was all changed a long time ago. Still, a good movie done well, even if they messed up the facts a little bit.


+10: A very interesting and entertaining movie that’s better than most movies made today (not that many movies are being made right now…)

-1: I understand the need to fictionalize things when there isn’t a definitive answer, but you shouldn’t just make things up when you’re making a film about a real event

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