0108: Dodsworth (1936)

Rating: 5.5/10

Sam Dodsworth sells his business and retires by taking his wife Fran on a vacation in Europe. While they’re there, they realize that they aren’t as happily married as they thought.

An interesting film for the 1930s as divorce was still a fairly taboo subject, so taking a stance of showing how a husband and wife behave in a failed married is a fascinating endeavor for the time period. However, by today’s standards, I’d probably peg this a movie that has little to no plot and not enough absorbing scenes for me to really peg this film as actually being about anything. It’s like the whole film is a giant set piece, pretty to look at, but has no actual substance.

Even though the script is found lacking, the acting is pretty good throughout the film. Especially Sam and Fran who feel more real than people in a 30s movie have a right to feel. It’s really too bad that there isn’t more going on in this movie because their acting would make almost any other storyline all the more captivating.


+4: I see how this could be a lot better during it’s time period, unfortunately with today’s morals (or lack thereof…) the story is somewhat stale, about on par with a soap opera but with better acting and less melodrama

+1.5: The acting is a lot better than it has any right being for this storyline

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